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Thom of Voodoo Chile Sauces on creating a line of unforgettable hot sauces


• Craft Hot Sauce Podcast •

Thom Toth of Voodoo Chile Sauces comes on the Craft Hot Sauce podcast. Thom has been making gourmet hot sauces since 2012, but his sauces are unique and different than most other craft hot sauce companies. His Porcus hot sauce is a bacon hot sauce took a long time to create and is a challenging culinary feat.

Voodoo Chile Sauces has also collaborated with a number of breweries like Boston Beer Company, Flying Dog, Old Ox Brewery and others to make craft beer hot sauces.

You can learn more about Voodoo Chile Sauces at www.voodoochilesauces.com

Thom is also a big fan of the music guest for this episode, Chris Timbers and his song “Evanescent”.

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