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David Delcourt from Seed Ranch Flavor Co on umami flavor and scaling his hot sauce business


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David Delcourt from Seed Ranch Flavor Co, joins the Craft Hot Sauce Podcast. David shares his entrepreneurial journey, starting two renewable energy based ventures before starting Seed Ranch Flavor Company in 2017 in Boulder, Colorado.

Topics discussed on the podcast include what happens when your hot sauce gets on Season 11 of the show “Hot Ones”, how David creates and launches new flavors, how to deal with the Everest highs and desert lows of starting a company, and some of his favorite hot sauces in his fridge.

You can try hot sauces and seasonings made by Seed Ranch Flavor Co on To follow Seed Ranch Flavor Co’s journey you follow them on social at @seedranchflavor and their website is

The Craft Hot Sauce Podcast is supported through advertising. Our sponsor for this episode is Anton Paar and their product, the ViscoQC.

Music and editing in this episode was performed by the great Mike Turnwall.

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