sabarac fermented hot sauce from australia

Geoff of Sabarac on the art and science of fermented hot sauce and chili mashes


• Craft Hot Sauce Podcast •

Geoff Barker, fermented hot sauce specialist and owner of Sabarac (Brisbane, Australia) joins the Craft Hot Sauce Podcast.

Geoff has created a wide range of fermented hot sauces with truly unique flavors like his Firemelon (carolina reaper and watermelon), fermented hot chocolate, and Japanese miso style.

This episode explores different techniques of fermenting including using a brine versus a chilli mash, common mistakes made by people new to fermenting, and some funny stories along the way. 

For those interested in learning more about fermenting, Geoff recommends the books Fiery FermentsNoma Guide to Fermentation, and the Facebook groups Fermented Hot Sauce Society and Insane in the Brine.

Music is by Dirty Harriet and the Hangmen with Hangmans Song. Their guitarist Josh Aveling is also a hot sauce maker and behind the brand Lil Becky’s Hotsauce. Download their album on Bandcamp

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