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Josh and John of Old Bones Chili Co on creating delectable smoked habanero hot sauces


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Old Bones Chill Co is a Sydney, Australia based craft hot sauce company. Josh their founder started OB Chilli Co after 12 years of experience as a chef with help from OB Chilli Co crew members John, Denise and Sam.

Brian, the host of the Craft Hot Sauce Podcast, explores a variety of topics with Josh and John. Josh shares more about his approach of smoking peppers to release different flavors and shares more about the impressive and fast-growing Australian hot sauce scene. John gives his two cents in how to set up your business for success and how surround yourself with a great team.

Brian finished off his bottle of Old Bones Smoked Garlic Chilli Sauce in a mere few days, but to get your hands on OB Chilli Co Hot Sauce you can visit their website www.oldboneschillico.com and follow them on Instagram @oldboneschillico

Old Bones Chilli Co chose to feature The Morrisons and their song Whiskey on the Brain.

The Morrisons have cemented their place as the darlings of the Sydney bluegrass and folk scene, blending Australian stories with sounds of traditional American bluegrass, folk and old timey music. They have warmed stages for Justin Townes Earle, Nathaniel Ratliff and the Nightsweats, and All Our Exes Live in Texas. They have been nominated for a Golden Guitar and won an Australian Songwriting Award. You can stream and purchase their album here: morrisons.bandcamp.com/album/the-morrisons-2

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