moe mountain hot sauce story

Moe Mountain Hot Story written by Martin Olsen

Moe Mountain Hot Sauce is a family operated Hot Sauce company in New Jersey. Started in 2014 Moe Mountain and their owner Martin have a focus on involving their local community, friends and family. This year alone they have raised over $250 for their local fire department. Moe Mountain is our first New Jersey Hot Sauce company featured on CHS.


How I Got Started In Making Hot Sauce?


I have been experimenting with hot sauce for about 15 years, but it wasn’t until I received a hot sauce kit in a grab bag during a holiday party that I really started to develop my recipe. I was tired of the hot sauces that were available and wanted to create something with a lot of spice, but that also used quality ingredients like Apple Cider Vinegar, cumin and cocoa powder. After friends and family tried it and couldn’t get enough of it, I decided to expand and offer it to everyone.


The Moe Mountain Operation


I guess you could say Moe Mountain’s Hot Sauce is a family operation at this stage.  We have family doing some distribution, a distributor in Long Island, my wife helps me with all aspects, we have family professionals in marketing and design and other freelance professionals who help out. I consider my brothers at the firehouse, where I volunteer to be family also, and they help get the word out as well. Part of the proceeds from the hot sauce goes towards the firehouse.


We use a great bottler in Pennsylvania and offer wholesale. There are many local retailers in the tri-state area that carry our hot sauce and some online retailers that offer hot sauce per bottle. Our most popular sauce is our only sauce currently, Moe Mountain’s Hot Sauce, but we’re in the process of developing some new recipes.


My Hot Sauce Fun Fact

People that like hot sauce are more outgoing and like roller coasters.



Facebook: Moe Mountain Hot Sauce

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Twitter: @moemountainheat


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